Wake Up Hopeful

Hello. I hope you’re alright today. Life can get so stressful. There’s always health issues, love issues, money issues. These issues bring on the tissues sometimes, and that’s all right. It’s part of it.

Initial Response

Today, I’ve decided to change the tape. I brought out my old emails from the big ole Dads. The Dads are these people who spend night and day thinking about God in His message of peace for all of us. Mom told me to. I didn’t go to the Dads on my own. Mama Maria said that it might be a good idea. The Dads asked me to look up John 11 verse 25. Being a Bible reader, I kind of knew that was the Gospel of John, chapter 11 verse 25. I looked it up online, cuz it’s easier than looking for my big Bible with all the prayer cards in it. Then, I read the verse.


That verse made me consider three aspects of being a disciple that help out in difficult situations: courage, faith and gratitude.


Because Jesus promised us that whoever believes in Him will live no matter what, that means that we don’t even have to fear death. Because he loves us enough to bring us life, we know that it’s precious and should not be wasted. So, even if we are brave enough to face death with courage, we’re not seeking out death by doing dangerous things. He brings us life because life is our natural condition. God made us to live.


I have faith in God because I have seen him change my life and the lives of others. There are those who never had to see but just believe because of their nature. I have a skeptical mind that likes to see things work, so I believe because I have experienced Jesus save my life. Not everyone needs to be in a hospital laying in bed to realize. I hope that you’re not like me and that your faith comes easily.

In this verse, a lot is said. What do I mean? This verse is part of a section of the Bible where Jesus Christ brings Lazarus back from the dead. Now, not everyone comes back from a physical death. There are people that come back from spiritual deaths. They could be addicted to drugs or have a gambling problem. They could be hung up on life and can’t seem to be able to handle their business or the problems are so many that they feel like giving up. This is when this verse comes into play.

Knowing that Jesus Christ had the power to resurrect his friend means a lot. If he can conquer death, is there anything that he cannot do? That payment owed the IRS is not a problem but only a chance for Jesus to show His great power. He can help figure out a way where there seems to be no way.

Faith is knowing something that you have not seen. Knowing that Jesus is real and that He did resurrect Lazarus is faith. Having faith in Jesus even when feeling as though one’s own resources have failed is the secret to making it through difficult times.


Resurrection means rising from the dead yeah. But it has another meaning: revival after disuse, inactivity or decay. Whatever is inside that seeks after goodness is the spirit seeking after the Creator. He loved humanity first. Responding to that gift of love with love is proper gratitude.

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