Devotions and Prayers


Prayer is a dialogue with God. It is a joyful conversation where God suggests patience, prudence and courage. This conversation is silent. The inner turmoil of desires for temporal rewards must be stilled. Luckily, Jesus said that if you ask anything of the Father in His Name, it shall be. So, ask for patience and answers. They will come.

St. Anthony once said that it is hard to see your reflection in a pool of water if the water is agitated. If the water is still, your reflection can be seen clearly. In prayer, sometimes it is easy to spend time trying to either bargain, force or plead with God for your desires to be satisfied. God wants to grant you what you need for your own sanctification, and that will not always line up with what you desire.

Other times, you can be really suffering about a situation and bring it up in prayer, only to find that it will cease to cause you worry once to express your problem to God. Even though you situation has not changed, God will have given you the grace to cope with it.