Who we are

Blue background with white stars, white dove and white stars. Blue is for the blue sky, white stars symbolize the universe, the white dove is for peace flying from me to you and the cross means sacrifice for greater good.

“Take Action with Love, but Take Action.”

In Jesus Name Prayer Group

We seek to.

  • Pray daily. We pray for the intentions of our community.
  • Only speak to aid, defend or uphold the common good.
  • Write ethically.
  • Fast one day per week.
  • Study faith with contemplation, reading of sacred texts and sharing with others daily.
  • Communicate without selfishness.

Group Members

We are a small group of United States military veterans who have joined together to pray for peace, health and prosperity for all who request it. We are not of any specific age or gender. We are simply united by love of Christ, of country and of community.

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